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Solar Case Study $25/Lead

In this quick breakdown we will discuss one of our client's results over the course of a 3 month timeline. And how we generated qualified leads for only $25 /lead.

Company Details

Solar installation company less than 3 years in business.

Location: New Mexico

Size: 10 Employees

Market: Residential Installs

Target: 500k-700k Homeowners

Timeline: 3 Months Of Marketing


Over the course of 3 months, set up the client's lead funnels, created targeted ads, and used our 2 step system to generate booked appointments. Over time, the cost per lead went down, appointments were booked at a higher rate, and the client closed more deals.

Timeline: 3 Months

Ad Spend: ~ $25/day

Leads: 88 Tracked Leads

Appointments: 31 Booked

Closed: 9 Installs

Revenue: ~ $150k

Step 1

The first part of our 2 step system is to generate leads for the client's pipeline.

We do this by targeting homeowners in the client's target market with custom tailored ads, and unique offers.

We worked with the client to create an offer the client could not resist, and got them to opt in for a free quote.

Over 3 months, we generated 88 "tracked" leads from people requesting quotes.

Step 2

The next step is to "qualify" those leads and get them to book an appointment automatically.

We put the lead through a survey which asked them questions like:

Is your credit score 650+ ?

Do you own your home?

Is your energy bill 100+?

Does your roof get sun?

After the survey, the lead was "incentivized" to book an appointment automatically.

The result? 88 of those "tracked" leads, turned into 31 qualified appointments.


We used our 2 step system to grow the client's business on top of the leads they were already getting from traditional sources.

Today, the client is scaling their ad campaigns and bringing in more leads from qualified homeowners in their market and expanding to other markets as well.

The client's brand grew exponentially. They gained followers in Facebook + Instagram, expanded their reach, and boosted their referral program.

With the additional eyes on their business, they are now seeing an uptick in organic leads, as well as referrals from clients they already served.

More Info?

Want some more information, or to see if our 2 step system could help grow your business? Book a quick strategy call with us!

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