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How To Get 40+ Qualified Solar Leads Every Month

The Solar Industry Currently

The Solar industry is booming in 2020. Some home and business owners are looking to do their part in helping the environment. While others are taking advantage of the massive energy bill savings and Federal tax credit.

No matter how you slice it, the demand for Solar has gone through the roof.

So as you can imagine, the Solar gold rush has begun. Tons of new business owners are rushing into the industry looking to take their piece of the solar pie.

Unfortunately, for the the industry, this has caused some issues. Some companies are

  1. Creating new competition

  2. Taking market share

  3. Using shady tactics

  4. Flooding The Industry

Combine that with the Covid-19 pandemic... And you have an industry that can be extremely difficult to succeed in, even for Solar Pros.

The old tactics of door knocking, cold calling, and referrals are becoming less and less effective in the current solar installation climate.

Our PROVEN Method For Solar Leads In 2020/2021

Despite some setbacks while the initial Covid-19 wave struck the US. Our clients have had MASSIVE success in generating both residential and commercial installations.

The Key is our Proven 2 Step System for getting consistent and qualified booked appointments on our clients calendar every single day.

The best part? No door knocking, No cold calling, and NO overpaying for crappy leads.

Step 1: Create TARGETED advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other advertising platforms.

The ads are strategically placed in front of the IDEAL solar customer...

- Homeowner or Business Owner

- Fantastic Credit Score

- Have Expressed Interest In Solar

Step 2: Once this IDEAL prospect opts in to the offer (Free Quote, $0 Down, etc), they become a lead!

But here's the ONE thing that makes all the difference

We put the lead in a custom Text & Email follow up sequence

That incentivizes them to book an appointment

This eliminates time wasters...

Double qualifies the lead...

And books the appointment automatically

It seems simple, and it really is... If it's done right!

Using this exact system, we generate our clients on average 10-15 extra high paying installations every single month!

If you haven't already, make sure you book a Free Strategy Call with our team!

Let's see if our 2 step system can explode your Solar Business' Growth!

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