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Email/Text Follow Up

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Email & Text message follow up is pivotal in any good lead generation strategy. Generating leads is awesome! But if that potential customer loses interest, an opportunity was wasted. Our email & text follow up systems keep each lead engaged, responsive, and more likely to turn into a high value customer!

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Why Follow Up Is Important


People have short attention spans, it takes multiple contacts to actually convert a lead.

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People see dozens of ads/companies per day, make sure they're aware of YOU!

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Use texts & emails to convert your leads into your various offers. From appts to paid services.


The fist step in a good follow up system, is sequencing your messages. We will custom write emails & texts, to be sent out over the course of days & weeks to your leads.

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Using our AI powered software, emails & texts are automatically sent each time a lead is generated from a campaign. Our CRM receives the information and begins the sequence we created for you!


How many emails do you get daily? Chances are you don't read them all! Texts are a great way to get your leads attention. Texts have a much higher open rate, and conversion rate when done correctly.

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Emails are still the tried and true way of following up with leads. It's also longer form than text, so you can provide more information, display offers, and even use images to convert your leads to customers.

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