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Facebook Advertising


Facebook, with 2.7 billion monthly users, is the largest and most powerful social media platform. Advertisers have the ability to target their IDEAL customers through certain interests, and characteristics. Our team specializes in creating HIGH converting Facebook ads, that we strategically place in front of qualified potential customers.


Why Every Business Needs Facebook

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A social presence is the best way to increase your brands credibility online.

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With over 2.7 billion monthly users, your IDEAL customers are on Facebook

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Building up a following will allow you to "Re-Market" to your followers over time.

Ad Creatives

The first step in our winning Facebook ads strategy is to design a variety of high quality ad creatives. We will split test versions of video, picture, and carrousel ads in order to drive more conversions & optimal ROI.

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Next, we will laser target your ideal customer using Facebook's audience tools. Our "10 Ad Set" strategy allows us to find the most profitable audiences over time and optimize for the winners.


As time goes by, we will be collecting valuable data. Our team uses this data to optimize your Facebook ad campaign. Essentially we "cut out the fat" and lock in on what's driving the most results.

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Scaling Up

Once results are coming in, and a foundation is built, we will systematically scale up your campaign. Our #1 priority is maintaining profitability as we increase budgets, expand reach, and drive more results.

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